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Noah Everett
The nice guy that finished first, founder of Glue / Ark and previously Twitpic.
Email and chat for your team
Ark Network
Ark Network is a new internet company building key platforms that power the internet
Mark Golland
A computer programmer who plays drums, occasionally builds drums, and messes about with hardware eurorack synths
Physics geek. Amateur radio guy. Geek of many trades, master of a few.
Lucas Litton
Devoted Christian | Programmer | Dad to Finn
Maker of blarb.co & many other tiny useful web apps.
18yo Maker | twitter.com/AnTheMaker
Thomas Fussell
Atmos Black
Adam Parish
Philipp Temmel
Product Designer, Writer, and Curator - creativerly.com
Maximilien Moreau
Welcome to my Glue account ! My name's Maximilien (Call me Max) and I'm a French Redactor. We can get in touch at maximilien.moreau@protonmail.com
A photographer, graphic designer & front-end developer, based in New Zealand.
Aitor García
Art Director and UX/UI Designer from Barcelona. Working as Digital Art Director @ McCann Madrid + doing Freelance projects.
Colin Devroe
Photographer. Blogger. Reverse Engineer.
💕 pfp is mocha—not mine.
Geoff Gauchet
Comedian, Web Developer, Weather Nerd
Bobby Shirley
- Husband & father - Certified Health Coach - Business Owner
Guillaume Laforge
Developer Advocate for Google Cloud, Co-Founder of the Apache Groovy programming language, Member of the Cast Codeurs podcast.
Craig Leshen
President, OAO (adops.com); Art (craig.art)
Shaun Griffin
I'm a nice, respectful, laid back, open minded, friendly person.
Paul Town
just testing this out
Marcos ◢◤
Dare to be the greatest. Inspire, spread love, and live every day to the fullest.
birb = Ball InfraRed BLack ^TM
Sergey Kiper
Yurii Kadirov
Computer science student, free software developer, public figure, head of NGO "Supreme Order".
David Kyle
Felipe Contreras
I do that streaming thing on Twitch https://glue.im/glue/introduction-to-glue-beta
Print & Web Designer | Car Enjoyer | Onewheel Enthusiast
Danie Goga
Digital journalist, editorial designer, book lover, dog lover, witch, wife. 🇲🇽
Ross Kressel
A little northern, a little southern, and a bit mid-west. PITT MBA with an Interest in solving complex, human centered business problems.
Shawn Ross
David Wegley
Christ emulator | Husband | Father | Cybersecurity Engineer | Non-pro Video Maker
Mark G. Davis
Husband, father, Mac, geek, Clevelander, veteran, anti-fascist, peanut butter fan, runner & designer of things. #designsystems #NoWar #Peace
Eamon Ahern
I hope this doesn't go the way of Vero.
Victor García👨🏻‍💻😼
Adam O'Donnell
Likes Games and Art (26) He/Him - Discord: IcyTea#4539
Nafaa Bo
I am Nafaa. Thats all
I drank glue once