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Noah Everett
The nice guy that finished first, founder of Glue / Ark and previously Twitpic.
Glue Changelog
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Maximilien Moreau
Welcome to my Glue account ! My name's Maximilien (Call me Max) and I'm a French Redactor. We can get in touch at maximilien.moreau@protonmail.com
Adam Parish
Ben Roberts
A photographer, graphic designer & front-end developer, based in New Zealand.
Nandan Shukla
Founder @ DICOT
Lucas Litton
Software Engineer, Dad to Vanessa, Husband, Christian.
Sarah Everett
Wife of @Noah Everett and mama. Jesus follower. Artist @slowpokepress
Brian Hart
Former eng manager at LinkedIn, looking for the next challenge
Geoff Gauchet
Comedian, Web Developer, Weather Nerd