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Sarah Everett
Wife of @Noah Everett and mama. Jesus follower. Artist @slowpokepress
Ark Network
Ark Network is a new internet company building key platforms that power the internet
Email and chat for your team
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Mark Golland
A computer programmer who plays drums, occasionally builds drums, and messes about with hardware eurorack synths
Chris Merritt
Anuj KC
Lucas Litton
Devoted Christian | Programmer | Dad to Finn
Moritz Sternemann
Swift & VueJS • CS @TUM • iOS @SIXT •  WWDC Scholar / Swift Student Challenge Winner • Photography, Skiing • @WWDCScholars • 1000 Move Goals
Physics geek. Amateur radio guy. Geek of many trades, master of a few.
Remi Grumeau
Maker of things on the Internet.
aura cortes
Marketing - Tech - Music- Arts - Tech Tools 👾
18yo Maker | twitter.com/AnTheMaker
Josh Pigford
Maker. Dabbler. I can't stop starting things. Building Maybe. I also etch tweets with lasers at Laser Tweets. Previously Baremetrics.
Daniel Gardner
Creating homeschooling material for Portuguese-speaking families
Al Caan
Aitor García
Art Director and UX/UI Designer from Barcelona. Working as Digital Art Director @ McCann Madrid + doing Freelance projects.
Thomas Fussell
Jon Bellah
Heroes get remembered, legends never die.
Nate Palmer
Ben Roberts
Atmos Black
Philip Okugbe
Adam Parish
Micro-blogging about living in Charleston this summer.
Andrei J. Luca
Product Designer and Cinematographer. Founder of Firemakers
Philipp Temmel
Product Designer, Writer, and Curator - creativerly.com
Maximilien Moreau
Welcome to my Glue account ! My name's Maximilien (Call me Max) and I'm a French Redactor. We can get in touch at maximilien.moreau@protonmail.com
Khushmeet Singh
A photographer, graphic designer & front-end developer, based in New Zealand.
Peter Corless
Technical Marketing Manager for a Monstrous NoSQL Database. Gamer. ❤️Paradox
Colin Devroe
Photographer. Blogger. Reverse Engineer.
Greg Smith
All the things.
Brian Hart
Former eng manager at LinkedIn, looking for the next challenge
Vance Lucas
Nandan Shukla
Student, Techie, Founder @ DICOT
Soham Shah
Aaron Mead
Deya Eddin
Elliot Domm
Zhe Wu
V Keerthi Vikram
Productivity and Data Science Enthusiast
Geoff Gauchet
Comedian, Web Developer, Weather Nerd
Seth Deckard
Vanni Tarlew
....sempre in giro
Slow Poke Press
Art, Graphic Design, & Stationery
Jeremy J Parmenter
Bobby Shirley
- Husband & father - Certified Health Coach - Business Owner
Salvador Sotelo
Jos Henson Grič
Founder 💜 @flexmoneylife #FinTech + #NoCode + #Community = a better way to do money stuff Views my own #aspergers
Dustin W. Stout
Entrepreneur, social media marketing consultant, blogger, speaker. Founder of SoVisual.co and Social Remix. Helping content creators do more, better.
How do i glue something?
Harvey Winecoff
Martin Scorsese
Marcos ◢◤
Mateus 11.6 God bless and protect us. Lets do this!!! †
Guillaume Laforge
Developer Advocate for Google Cloud, Co-Founder of the Apache Groovy programming language, Member of the Cast Codeurs podcast.
Justin Barbour
🍥, 𝒱𝑜𝓊𝓁𝑒𝓏-𝓋𝑜𝓊𝓈 𝒸𝑜𝓊𝒸𝒽𝑒𝓇 𝒶𝓋𝑒𝒸 𝓂𝑜𝒾?
David Cowden
Technologist | Security | 🦀
Joe Doss
Craig Leshen
President, OAO (adops.com); Art (craig.art)